Atlanta Fund Top FAQ’s

If my employment terminates, when will my insurance benefits terminate?

When terminating employment, your benefits will terminate on the last day of the month that you leave the Company. If you qualify for COBRA Continuation Coverage as a result of your termination, you will receive a COBRA Continuation Election Notice in the mail informing you of your rights and options under COBRA.

What if I have coverage elsewhere and want to waive coverage under the Fund?

You may waive your coverage under this Fund by selecting that option during the enrollment process. However, if you elect to waive coverage or fail to enroll during your enrollment period, you may be required to wait until the next open enrollment period, unless you experience a Qualified Life Event, as permitted by the Notice of Special Enrollment Rights.

What is a Change in Status Event?

A Change in Status Event is an occurrence that will allow a special enrollment period, outside of the regular Open Enrollment’ period. Examples of Change in Status Events are marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a dependent child or loss of other health insurance coverage. Please consult the Notice of Special Enrollment Rights or contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473 for more details on Change in Status Events and the required notification periods.

I have received a bill for an unpaid claim. How do I submit an inquiry to review claim status? How do I determine if the claim has been processed?

Contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473 to inquire on claim status. You may also submit an inquiry via email to Please be prepared to provide specific patient information such as name, date of birth, and date of service to retrieve claim details. Please be advised, if attempting to obtain information for someone other than yourself, HIPAA authorization may be required.

I have submitted a claim for weekly disability benefits. I have mailed in my claim form. When will I receive a disability check?

Provided the claim form is completed correctly and submitted with the appropriate information, checks are usually processed within 3 to 5 business days from the date the submission is received. Contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473 to confirm receipt of your weekly disability benefits paperwork or to inquire on any additional concerns. Contact your human resources employer department for all other matters relating to medical Leaves of Absences (LOA’s).

I want to enroll for my benefits. Can I enroll over the phone?

There are two ways to enroll for benefits during the annual Open Enrollment period: by phone or online.

If you want to enroll by phone, you may call the Fund Office’s Customer Service line at 770-997-9910 or 1-800-241-2136. Customer Service hours are extended from 8 AM to 6 PM (EST) during the Open Enrollment Period. When your phone enrollment is complete, a copy of your confirmation number will be mailed to your address on file, for your records. Please be advised, if you grant permission to someone else to help assist you with phone enrollment, you must be present during phone enrollment to give consent and to receive a final confirmation of enrollment.

If you want to enroll online, you can do so during the Open Enrollment period here:

If you have further questions about the enrollment process or need alternative arrangements to enrollment by phone or online, please contact the Fund Office at 770-997-9910 or 1-800-241-2136.

How do I add a dependent to my coverage?

If you enroll your dependent, certain documentation may be requested by the Fund Office.  If you add a spouse to your coverage, you may be required to submit a marriage license, joint marital document, and spousal affidavit. If you add a dependent child (or children), you may be required to submit a birth certificate, court order or divorce decree. Typically, your dependent will be enrolled within 4 weeks after the Fund has received all of the required documents.  If you have not submitted all of the required documents to add your dependent, your dependent’s enrollment will be placed in a ‘pended status’ and you will receive a notice from the Fund requesting the required documentation.  You may contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473 to confirm if the Fund Office is awaiting additional documentation for your dependent election/enrollment.

Atlanta Fund Top FAQ’s: Kroger Employees

I have dropped down to the Ancillary plan. How do I become eligible for medical and prescription coverage again?

In accordance with your collective bargaining agreement, you must average at least 24 hours per week during the measurement period from 10/7/18 through 10/5/19 to qualify for Part-Time benefits in 2020 which will include Medical and Prescription coverage. Contact your human resources department if you have questions about how this measurement is done or questions regarding your average hours.

Why does my paycheck appear to have 2 deductions for health coverage, with “AR”?

When a participant 1st qualifies for health coverage, they obtain an ‘eligibility date’, when the enrollment package is received it will provide an ‘enrollment window’. Once enrolled, your weekly deduction should begin on the date you first became eligible for coverage, not on the date you enroll. Since your eligibility date and your enrollment date differ, you will see a weekly rate and an arrearage, marked with “AR” on your paycheck until the amount is satisfied based on your eligibility date.