Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust

UFCW Union Local 1995 & Employers Health & Welfare Fund

UFCW Union Local 1995 and Employers Health & Welfare Fund is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Fund Office administers health and welfare benefits for eligible participants and their dependents in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. The Fund Office is proud to support these loyal, hard-working participants that are responsible for our growth and progress.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Transparency in Coverage Rule, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has posted the required machine-readable files for in-network negotiated rates (other than prescription drugs) and out-of-network allowed amounts. These files can be accessed by going to, and searching for UFCW 1995 in the ASO link.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Class Action Information

A number of participants have recently received notices regarding settlement of a class action involving Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The Fund receives certain services from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and is reviewing claims the Fund has against Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The Fund cannot provide advice to individual participants regarding the settlement.

However, because the Fund pays the BCBST fees, and may possess claims against BCBST that it will evaluate and possibly pursue, individuals may conclude they don't need to take further action. can provide additional information. The Fund Office possesses no additional information relevant to individuals' possible claims.


Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

2024 UFCW Union Local 1995 and Employers H&W Fund
2023 UFCW Union Local 1995 and Employers H&W Fund

2024 Open Enrollment Notice

2024 Open Enrollment (OE) Notice Nashville (English)


How can you find out if you are eligible for the UFCW Union Local 1995 & Employers Health & Welfare Fund?

  • Refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Ask your Local Union Representative.
  • Refer to your Human Resource Department.

Enrolling in the Health and Welfare Benefits?

  • Once Eligibility requirements are obtained you will receive enrollment information providing instructions on ways to enroll into benefits.
  • Contact the Fund Office for additional information.
Current Mailing Address:

UFCW Union Local 1995 & Employers Health & Welfare Fund
1740 Phoenix Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Top FAQs

  • What if I have coverage elsewhere and want to waive coverage under the Fund?
    You may waive your coverage under this Fund by selecting that option during the enrollment process or by failing to enroll. However, if you choose to waive coverage you may not have an opportunity to enroll for benefits until the next enrollment period unless you experience a Qualified Life Event. If you waive coverage, you may still be eligible for life insurance and a Beneficiary Designation Form should be completed.
  • What is a Qualified Life Event (QLE)?
    A Qualified Life Event (QLE) is an occurrence that will allow a special enrollment period. Examples of QLEs are marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a dependent child, or loss of other health insurance coverage. Please contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473 for more details on QLEs and the required notification periods.
  • If my employment terminates, when will my insurance benefits terminate?
    When you separate from the Company, your benefits will terminate on the last day of the month that you leave the Company.
  • I have received a bill for an unpaid claim. How do I submit an inquiry to review claim status? How do I determine if the claim has been processed?
    Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee at 1-800-565-9140. Please be prepared to provide specific patient information such as name, date of birth and date of service to retrieve claim details. Please be advised, if attempting to obtain information for someone other than yourself, HIPAA authorization may be required.
  • I am out on Medical Leave of Absence (LOA) or Short-Term Disability/Time Loss. I have mailed in my claim form. When will I receive a disability check?
    Provided the claim form is completed correctly and submitted with the appropriate information, checks are usually processed within 3 to 5 business days from the date the submission is received. Contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473 to confirm receipt of your Short-term disability paperwork or to inquire on any additional concerns. Contact your human resources department for all other concerns relating to medical Leaves of Absence (LOA's).
  • I want to enroll for my benefits. Can I enroll over the phone?
    You can now enroll over the phone during the annual Open Enrollment window. When your phone enrollment is complete, a copy of your confirmation number will be mailed to your address on file for your records. Please be advised, if you grant permission to someone else to help assist you with phone enrollment, you must be present during phone enrollment to give consent and to receive final confirmation of enrollment.
  • I wish to add my spouse for coverage. What (Evidence of Marriage) documentation is needed?
    A marriage license, spousal affidavit and 'joint marital document'may be required. If you have been married for more than three years, the 'joint marital document' should be one form of documentation dated within the past 6 months establishing current marital status. (Examples include: a joint household bill, joint bank/credit account, joint mortgage or lease, or front page of your most recent jointly-filed tax return with blacked out financial information).
  • Why does the Fund request my spouse's employment info?
    The Fund does not provide primary spousal coverage if your spouse has access to healthcare coverage through his or her employment (not including coverage that is paid 100% by your spouse). If interested in discussing the requirements to add your spouse for secondary coverage contact the Fund Office at 1-800-241-2136 or 1-800-241-3473.